Pamir Private School

Pamir Private School is designed to inspire young minds and parents, seeking a dynamic and vibrant educational system.

Nurturing young minds who would make a difference in the world’ being the cornerstone of learning at Pamir Private School, the focus is towards equipping each student with the necessary skillsets to negotiate and find his or her niche in the ever-evolving global world.

The school is well equipped with technology to help provide an environment conducive to learning in the 21st century. The idea is to place students at the forefront of technology and leverage it for improved learning outcomes. Teachers are equipped to enrich the lesson plans with a healthy mix of multi-media content and online assessments for deeper learning. This technology supported learning environment is designed to empower both students and educators to harness the power of the digital world to transform the nature of classrooms.

Pamir Private School is managed by the KIPS School of Pakistan, which is the first school in Pakistan collaborating with the Leader in Me Program. KIPS strives to teach students the art of leading themselves, before learning to lead the world. Having developed a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum, KIPS imparts quality education that polishes the intellectual, physical, emotional, behavioral, and leadership skills of its students.

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