Distance Learning Profile

Dear Principal,

Sharjah Private Education Authority would like to thank you for engaging with our team during the recent review visit at your school on 03/06/2020.

This Distance Learning Review Visit (DLRV) was performed by two reviewers via online platforms. The review was conducted using the UAE Distance Learning Evaluation Tool – Stage 1 that consists of three (3) Zones, thirteen (13) themes and thirty-nine (39) descriptors.

The purpose of the visit was to review the school’s distance learning provision, implementation of distance learning solutions and to ensure the continuation of teaching and learning during the exceptional circumstances due to COVID-19 pandemic. The review seeks to highlight the school’s response as it relates to Phase 1 of the implementation of distance learning with the objective of supporting schools in the journey to a more sustainable and flexible learning option phase. The review focused on the students’ learning and wellbeing, teaching and monitoring of students’ learning, as well as leading and managing students’ learning.

The overall schools’ distance learning judgement during Phase 1 of the implementation of distance learning was arrived at as specified below:

During the online visit, reviewers engaged in a range of activities, including discussions with senior and middle
leaders, review of documents and samples of students’ work, observation of virtual lessons and analysis of
feedback from stakeholders.

Summary of Findings

The school’s distance learning judgement during Phase 1 of the implementation of Distance Learning is: Developed.
The table below provides an overview of the status of development of each Theme under each Zone. This is represented by three (3) colors, green for Developed, amber for Partially Developed and red for Not Developed.

The DLRV shows that the school has achieved “Developed” in all themes of this review and indicates that the school is successful on its journey towards a more sustainable and flexible learning option phase.

Positive Features

  1. Students’ attendance is well-promoted with participation in lessons actively encouraged to support continued learning and momentum by providing a range of learning opportunities. Students are aware of how to remain safe whilst working online and what to do if they have concerns regarding online security. Students are supported by a dedicated wellbeing team who are actively involved in the online learning.
    2. Teachers’ planning of lessons has been developed well which allows for assessment opportunities during live lessons and for submitted work. Clear learning outcomes are shared with students during live lessons to ensure students are aware of what they are learning and can relate to the tasks being undertaken.
    3. The school has produced detailed long- and short-term plans, which have considered a range of delivery scenarios including the extension of distance learning if necessary. Sufficient resources exist within the school which are effectively managed. The school communicates with parents and other stakeholders to ensure they are consulted with and are aware of the expectations relating to distance learning.

Areas for Development

  1. The opportunity for students to consistently connect with each other during live lessons.
    2. The support offered to primary aged children to enable their independent access to resources.

Recommendations and Next Steps

Continuing to progress existing high-quality practices in Phase 1 implementation to become embedded practices in the future phases.
2. Developing existing innovative ideas by enhancing distance learning provision, e.g. student collaboration and blended learning approaches.
3. The school needs to prepare and submit a distance learning improvement plan to SPEA within three (3) weeks of receiving the DLRV report. The improvement plan should address the following:
a. Recommendations and improvement areas identified in the DLRV report.
b. Areas identified by the school as requiring improvement.
c. Priorities arising from the school’s unique characteristics.
If you have a concern or wish to comment on any aspect of this report please contact us on